Exporting livestock since 2018


Founded in 2018, BEEFGEN was established due to the increasing need for premium genetics globally. Our focus was to deliver quality genetics from New Zealand to international clients. In the early days, our founders, Patrick Lane and Alex Feng travelled extensively to explore the opportunities to connect clients and livestock breeders.

In 2019, BEEFGEN transported the first shipment of nearly 4000 New Zealand Angus breeding cattle to China. Every stakeholder worked tirelessly to ensure the welfare of the animals and they arrived in excellent condition.

Since then, BEEFGEN has helped many clients source large numbers of livestock from New Zealand and now we have expanded the business to Australia and South America. Being New Zealand-based is a strength of our business and we take pride in our roots. We appreciate the efforts New Zealand breeders go to to ensure the best genetics in their livestock and we are here to help you access the best opportunities on the global stage.


Patrick was of Irish descent and was born in Gisborne, New Zealand. He farmed for over 50 years and left behind his loving partner and three children in 2021. He was a typical cowboy with a love of Harley-Davidsons.

Patrick spent a lot of time in North America and greatly understood the need for quality genetics globally. He was the President of Angus NZ and contributed a lot to New Zealand agriculture throughout his life.

His legacy is helping the New Zealand livestock industry access the global market with a premium return.